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Scripps Ranch Lacrosse Information

Welcome to Scripps Ranch Boys Youth Lacrosse.  Practice and game schedules will be developed for the 2021 season and are on their own page.

As youth sports has evolved, so has the dynamic between parents and coaches. As a coach, we are not perfect, we make mistakes but it is important for you to know that we will always do our best to be better & do right by you and your son.

Please, if you have an issue or problem with a coach, we abide by the 24 hour wait rule, which means that we encourage you to hold off on contacting the coach for for 24 hours, and then (1) Send an email explaining the situation and then if needed, contact by phone. 

We want to solve any problems as soon as possible so we can all enjoy lacrosse. Generally speaking, we want player, parents and coach to all be on the same page regarding any issues. This is our goal and commitment to you. 


7th– 8th Grades:  An A Team 18 Players & a B Team of 18 Players
5th– 6th Grades:  An A Team of 18 Players & a B Team of 18 Players
3rd– 4th Grades:  One Team of 18 Players
2nd Grades:  One Team of 8 players
st Grades:  One Team of 8 Players


Designated A teams are considered “lacrosse-first” teams – all other sports should take a back seat to lacrosse during the Spring Season and must work around us with their other activities/sports. All practices and games must be attended. While this is a recreational league, A teams in the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Assocation League are more competitive and are preparing players for competitive off-season teams and play in the future at the HS level. 


B teams are developmental teams and will be run with a focus on skill development, introduction to the skills required by the different lacrosse positions, and introduction to offensive and defensive team strategies. While the expectation is that everyone plays equally, coaches will have some discretion with playing time on based on practice attendance and attitude.


Scripps Ranch Youth Lacrosse

Welcome to Scripps Ranch Youth Lacrosse. We are dedicated to the promotion, implementation and quality of youth lacrosse in the Scripps Ranch area. This is a guide to understanding our program.  The lacrosse Season runs from February 1st through May 20th   

What is expected if you play in our program

  1. Payment of team dues to cover coaching stipends, referee fees, uniforms, banquets, awards, field equipment and anything else needed. ( BY FEBRUARY 1st )
  2. Become a member of US Lacrosse.
  3. Rent, Buy or have your own equipment. We have it if you need to rent or want to buy.
  4. We ask that all players wishing to play on the A teams are lacrosse first players (meaning all other sports take a back seat to lacrosse from February thru May). All players make a season commitment and attend all practices and games.
  5. We ask that you arrange any vacations around our season & Spring Break. We will be playing games on the 1st Saturday of our Spring Break week (March 28that home) so start your vacation on Sunday. We will not practice over Spring Break.
  6. Attending practice is important as this is a team sport. Do your best.
  7. We expect good sportsmanship from all players, Parents and Coaches at all times. Do your best.
  8. We ask that you get involved with the program and be ready to step up to volunteer in areas needed. Manning the Snack Bar (not during your sons’ game), Score Keeping or Time Keeping for home and away games, banquet planning and implementing, sponsorships, Field set up for Home Games, etc. Come have some fun with us!

Our hope is you will have an enjoyable experience and want to return next season!