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7th– 8th Grades:  Both A & B Teams of ~18 Players
5th– 6th Grades:  Both A & B Teams of ~18 Players
3rd– 4th Grades:  Two Teams of ~16 Players
K - 2nd Grades:   Three teams of ~8 players


Designated A teams are considered “lacrosse-first” teams – all other sports take a back seat to lacrosse during the Spring Season and must work around us with their other activities/sports. All practices and games must be attended. While this is a recreational league, A teams in the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Assocation League are more competitive and are preparing players for competitive off-season teams and play in the future at the HS level. 


B teams are developmental teams and will be run with a focus on skill development, introduction to the skills required by the different lacrosse positions, and introduction to offensive and defensive team strategies. While the expectation is that everyone plays equally, coaches will have some discretion with playing time on based on practice attendance and attitude.