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Parent Information

Most Communication within our program is by Email…

Rain Out Information
We will not practice in the active rain. If the fields are closed and it is dry, we will practice on the black top. Only A teams will make up practices if it is possible. Emails will go out as soon as a decision is made. Sometimes, the decision will be at the field. Info will also be on our Facebook page.

What to bring to practice
1. All Equipment
2. Mouth Piece
3. Sneakers and Cleats
4. Warm Jacket or Sweatshirt
5. A large bottle of water

Practice Schedule
Practice Schedule for 7/8 is Monday, Wednesday & Fridays, 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Practice Schedule for 5/6 is Tuesday & Thursdays, 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Practice Schedule for 3/4 is Monday & Fridays, 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Practice Schedule for K/2 is Friday, 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Please arrive to practice no later than 4:15pm.

Missing Practice
Please text your coach if you will be missing a practice.

Playing Time
Playing time is dependent on attending practices, working hard and attitude. If you miss practice, you will probably play less than others. A Team attendance is more strict than B team.

Game Schedule
The game schedule will not be out until around February 17th or 18th.
The schedule will come out in three parts. We will have 5 home and 5 away games played, all on Saturdays. You will need to have your player at each game 1 hour prior to game time start. Please allow travel time for away games.

Carpooling can be arranged through a parent volunteer from your team.

Remember to bring your full uniform to every game.

Uniforms will be handed out during the week of February 25th at the end of one of our practices (25th or 27th)… ready for our first game on Saturday, 2/29.

The uniforms come in three parts…a shooting shirt (you get to keep), a jersey and shorts (that will be returned for use next season).

Home Games
We need help manning the snack shack at our home games. How we do this is you will work 1 game (not your sons’ game but an adjacent game) B parents can work A games and vice versa…This way you never miss your sons game.

We ask that you volunteer at least once during the season so just one or two families aren’t doing everything.

Seals Night
We will be securing tickets for a Scripps Seals night at the Pechanga Arena on March 7th at 7:00pm. We will all go to the game and watch our Pro Indoor Lacrosse Team “the San Diego Seals” play. They will also recognize our group and it is a total blast.

Scripps Ranch Youth Night
We will also be participating in a “Youth Night” at one of the Scripps Ranch HS Varsity Games. Date to be determined. We invite all to attend, all age groups, but is not mandatory. It is also a blast for the kids.

New Equipment
Anyone wishing to buy new equipment during the year, please contact one of our coaches for recommendations. 

Off Season
Summer & Fall 
There are a number of very good lacrosse options in San Diego County in the off-season, and we will keep this site updated with opportunities as they are announced. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you explain the Rain out Policy?

A: If it is NOT raining but the fields are closed due to past rain, we will practice on the black top
     If it is raining and the fields are closed, practice will be canceled, probably when you arrive   
     at the field. We will try to put rainout information on our Facebook page and the program
     website if we know in advance or an email will be sent out prior to practice.
     Rained out practices will likely be made up for the 5/6 A & 7/8 A teams only.

Q: Does my son have to attend practices?

A: If he is playing on an A team, YES he does. If he is playing on a B team, 3-4 or K-2, if you have
     to miss, no problem. BUT, playing time on these teams is based on practice attendance and
     attitude. All players will play but if you rarely show up to practice, you will play less.

Q: If my son is playing on an A team, can he miss practices or a game to go to a hockey or 
     Soccer tournament?

A: NO…That is the essence of the A teams in our program. A Teams are lacrosse first, all other
     sports take a back seat to lacrosse February 1st to May 18th. If an A team player misses for
     another sport, he will be dropped to the B team for the rest of the season.

Q: What about Winter Sports that overlap into February. Will players be punished for missing?

A: Short answer is no. If they are playing a winter sport that runs from November to mid-
     February, they should finish that commitment. Come out to practice on days that don’t
     interfere and inform the coach what his schedule is in February and when the Winter sport
     ends completely. This is for sports in a season, not year-round club teams.

Q: What about the Tournament in Santee. Is it all day or do we play at specific times that are

A: YES…your team will play 3 games during the day. When they send me the schedule, I will
     send it to you. Then you can arrange your day.

Q: Can you explain the Mini Jamborees for the K-2 Teams?

A: Ahhh…what the league came up with is that several teams in our area will come together
     and play at one location each weekend so to keep travel distance down. We are in a group
     with RB, Poway, PQ, 4S Ranch and Carmel Valley. Each weekend, all of these teams will
     meet at one of their home fields and play two games. We will be hosting 2 of these events
     TBD. You will usually play a game and then wait for a game and then play another game.
     Should take about 3 hours on Saturday. Your game schedule will be sent when I get it from
     the league. First game will be on 3/7.

Q: Where can I find directions to away game fields?

A: I will be sending out a list of field addresses for GPS when I send out the finalized Game Schedule. You can also find venues on the League website at www.sdyla.org